SRW X-Ω – Gundam Build Fighters Debut (Nibun no Ichi BGM) l スパロボxω ガンダムビルドファイターズ 新規参戦 (ニブンノイチ BGM)

During the 1/7/18 to 8/7/18 event, 3 units from Gundam Build Fighters were obtainable and they include Beargguy III, Qubeley Papillon, the Build Strike Gundam Full Package and both Sei’s and Reiji’s voiced pilot part. In addition, during repeated Foe events, a special SRW mix of series first OP (Nibun no Ichi/ニブンノイチ) will be played in the background.

Plot wise, Sei and Reiji find themselves piloting the Strike Build Gundam and joining the Gurren Lagann crew in their battle with the Anti-Spiral. This is possible due to them being in spiral space. The Anti-Spiral sends traps Sei and Iori in the Infinite Multiverse Labyrinth where they encounter various Gundam characters from across the franchise.

Eventually, Sei and Reiji are able to break free from the Labyrinth and through the power of imagination, they are able to summon all major Gundam protagonists in the game to help fight and defeat the Anti-Spiral.

SRW X-Ω Playlist

SRW X-Ω – Diebuster (Buster Machine 7) l スパロボxω ダイバスター (バスターマシン7号)

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